MedTrak Training & Support - The Real Difference Maker

At MedTrak we know we provide industry leading balance assessment and treatment technology, but the difference that sets us apart from the competition for our customers is our extensive product support and training services. Once you are a customer of MedTrak, you and your practice will have access to the most complete and professional support staff in the industry with features like:

    Balance Testing Support

  • On-Site Installation and In-Service Training
      Immediately receive everything and the staff need to get started on the MedTrak Program along with data interpretation and treatment protocol training provided by Board certified Neurologists.
  • Quarterly Workshops for Physicians and Technicians Workshops provide valuable education and training as well as an opportunity to meet other medical professionals benefiting from MedTrak systems throughout the country.
  • Detailed Instructional Videos
  • Introductory Data Analysis and Interpretation Assistance
      For the first 60 days, all studies will be reviewed for quality and treatment recommendations.
  • Toll Free Customer Support
  • Ongoing Clinical and Technical Phone Support
  • Access to marketing and Public Education support
      We provide multiple ways to market and promote your use of MedTrak systems by providing CD-ROMs, Videos, Printed Materials, and even On-Hold Messages.

Our absolute priority is to ensure seamless integration into your practice without requiring a great deal of your time. Rest assured that you and your staff will be thoroughly trained and supported so that your facility can provide this valuable service to your patients and the community.

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