Add Services and Increase Your Practice's Profitability

As a physician, you want to be focused on one thing – tending to your patients the best way you know how. However, the business of healthcare rarely allows that luxury and often finds physicians fighting to stay operational rather than working on the actual practice of medicine. With lower reimbursements from Medicare and other insurers, the reality is that practices continually need to find ways to generate supplemental income in order to stay solvent.

At MedTrak, we want to see the financial side of your practice succeed because we understand that it is really all about your service to the patient and not slavery to increased regulations and lower reimbursements. Use of our systems through the guidance of MedTrak allows you to provide a valuable service to your fall-risk patient population and, at the same time, provides your practice with a substantial alternative income stream.

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Balance and VNG Testing procedures with our devices are reimbursable through Medicare and many other insurers throughout the United States, therefore providing a viable source of income to your practice on top of the typical services you provide.

Curious to know more about what we can do to take your mind off finances and back on patent care? Call us toll free at 1-888-239-6436 and request a consultation!

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