Industry Leading Balance Testing

Objectively Assess & Treat Fall-Risk Patients

Are you seeing patients that present Dizzy, Unsteady, and have a Fear of Falls? Now there is a tool to help objectively assess and treat these patients. MedTrak has an incredibly valuable tool in the diagnosis, evaluation, and rehabilitation of neurosensory deficits.

Balance TestingOur Assessment protocols are designed to quantify a person's ability to maintain balance while standing. Data is collected from sensors on a plate that the patient stands on and is converted to a printable report that displays the patient's Stability Score along with other balance related parameters. The physician's report also displays data of an age matched normal population for comparison purposes.

Our software includes provisions for both static and dynamic balance assessments through the availability of diversified types of tests, test patterns, and difficulty levels.

Therapists may use the built-in training modes with a great deal of ease and flexibility, including the ability to design unique training protocols for specific patient deficits identified during testing.

Patient progress data, from initial testing, through completion of retraining exercises on the equipment, is stored by our software and is easily accessible to the physician for monitoring.

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